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Excellence in Aircraft Training

Aeroskills have been leaders in aircraft repair within industry for over 30 years, carefully talioring our courses to reach the needs faced within the aircraft industry.

Formed in 1992, Aeroskills are recognised as the industry standard for composite repair training, ranging from repair inspection course, metal to metal bonding of structures and specialist aircraft repair training.

All of our training course adhere to SAE SAE AIR4938 for composite and metallic  repair and SAE SAE 5719 for composite awareness.

What We Do


Offering repair and inspection courses to tier 1 aviation companies including Airbus, Bombadier and Spirit. 

Collaboration work with Boeing and Airbus to develop in demand courses on the latest civil aircraft.


A Part 147 organisation and sole global training provider for BAE Systems on both the Eurofighter and the Tempest, offering both servicable repair and manufacturing repair.

BAE Approved courses for both AC001 and AC002 composite repair training.

Our Customers

Our Courses

Advanced Aircraft Composite Repair

Designed to familarise engineers and repairers in materials and techniques used in manufacture and repair of composite structures. 

Aircraft Composite Repair Inspection

To develop relevant knowledge necessary to inspect aircraft repairs to ensure that they have been carried out correctly and in accordance with the relevant SRM

Metal to Metal Bonding

Aimed at developing the practical skills and knowledge to carry out metal to metal bonding repairs on aircraft in line with relevant SRM’s

787 Structural Composite Repair Course

We provide professional consultancy, project management, design and UCAS calibration services with outstanding industry reputation.

Aircraft Repair Training for both Civil and Military. JOSCAR approved and accredited

All Courses

AC001 Aircraft Composite Repair 1 (Optional HotBonder Use Certification)

8th – 19th January 2024
11th – 22nd March 2024
13th – 24th May 2024
8th – 19th July 2024
16th – 27th September 2024
11th – 22nd November 2024

£2635.00 (£3162.00 incl. VAT)

AC003 Advanced Aircraft Composite Repair 2

15th – 26th April 2024
7th – 18th October 2024

£2866.50 (£3439.80 incl. VAT)

AC002 Aircraft Composite Inspection

3rd – 7th June 2024
9th – 13th December 2024

£2068.00 (£2481.60 incl. VAT)

787 Structural Composites Courses

Courses P1-787, P2-787, P3-787 and P4-787 available on request

Dates on Application

ACM01 Metal to Metal Bonding 1​

19th – 23rd February 2024
21st – 25th October 2024

£2165.00 (£2598.00 incl. VAT)

ACM02 Metal to Metal Bonding 2.

5 days Dates on Application

£2165.00 (£2598.00 incl. VAT)

AC010 Composites for Engineers 1.

5 days Dates on Application

£1512.50 (£1815.00 incl. VAT)

AC011 Composites for Engineers 2.

5 days Dates on Application

£1512.50 (£1815.00 incl. VAT)

Groups Rates for 8+ Delegates Available on Application

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