Aircraft Composite Inspection

Aircraft Composite Inspection (AC002)

Course Code: AC002
Duration: 3 Days
Course Fee: £2068+VAT
Course structure: 20% theory, 80% practical
Prior learning (Recomendation): AC001 Aircraft Composite Repair 1 (Or Equivalent).

This course is intended for those members of staff who will be carrying out
inspection to composite repairs on aircraft structures. It will give them sufficient knowledge to be able to complete the inspection to approved aerospace standards. It is recommended that prior to commencing the inspection course that delegates complete AC001.

The emphasis of the course is on developing the background knowledge necessary to inspect and sign off aircraft composite repairs and to ensure that they have been carried out in accordance with published manufacturers’ structural repair manuals. The course contains some practical demonstrations to highlight areas of potential problems.

The importance of quality assurance is stressed throughout, recognising good and bad practices within the repair procedure. This course satisifies SAE AIR4938 standards surrounding bonded composite structures.

The course aims to:

  • to familiarise the delegate with the materials and techniques used to repair aircraft composite structures.
  • to provide the delegate with the knowledge to satisfy the appropriate health and safety requirements.
  • to equip the delegate with the knowledge to inspect aircraft composite repairs as they are carried out and to be able to sign them off as being completed according to the methods recommended and accepted by the aircraft manufacturers.
  • to familiarise the delegate with the proper storage and handling of composite materials and to recommend effective methods of record keeping.
  • to allow the delegate to recognise bad practices.
  • to provide the knowledge required to interpret standard structural repair manuals and to relate them to a given repair situation.
  • to satisfy all the relevant quality assurance requirements.

3rd – 7th June 2024
9th – 13th December 2024

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