Equipment Supply

As a JOSCAR approved supplier of distinction, we supply quality and cost effective tools, equipment and materials. We are a distributor and original manufacturer with a proven track record of meeting our customer specific requirements and quality expectations.

As established composite experts, we have over 25 years experience in working with the composite sector and have developed a reputation for diligence and customer support of the highest level.

Our specialist in-house designed and manufactured equipment enhances the operational efficiency of our customers. We supply equipment of high quality with after care service, calibration and maintenance at a competitive level aimed at continually supporting our customer needs in a responsive manner.

As practitioners we will only provide equipment of the highest quality and only from an approved and verified source. We have spent time reviewing the functionality of the individual items offered to make sure they satisfy our customer requirements and those of the health and safety executive.

Vacuum Equipment

  • Centralized Vacuum System
  • Specialised Silicon Vacuum Hoses for High Temperature Use
  • ¬†ISOB Fittings Custom Made to Order
  • Vacuum Hoses Custom Made to Order

Repair Equipment

BriskHeat manufactures a full line of heaters and temperature controllers designed to solve a wide variety of composite curing and repair applications. These solutions are used in many industries such as aerospace, wind energy, sporting goods, and marine, using hot bonding techniques to cure wet layups, resin infusion, prepregs, and metal bonding.

Composite Curing Equipment

Using our expertise we can specify and supply standard and bespoke composite processing equipment ranging from small laboratory ovens to full scale turnkey solutions made to order for industrial applications.

Testing and Measurement Equipment

  • ETI Measurement Equipment
  • ETI Calibration Equipment
  • Thermocouple lead set
  • Ice Bath Mug for temperature calibration
  • MicroCal 1 thermocouple simulator.
  • MicroCal 2 temperature simulator
  • MicroCal 3 temperature simulator
  • Data logging Temperature and Humidity

Full Product Catalogues

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? We offer a wider range of products from BriskHeat and Clayton. Have a look at the catalogues below and contact us to discuss further