Central Dust Extraction

Centralised dust extraction systems supporting up to 24 workstations and ATEX rated as standard. Contact us with your specification and needs for a design and fitting quote.

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Innovative central dust extraction system of high-quality construction with direct drive turbine vacuum power, long-life Teflon coated triple filters, twin gauge performance monitoring, low noise level (72dB or less) with ATEX upgrades available.

The systems can support 3 to 24 workstations for sanding, drilling or grinding of a range of materials including composite materials, making this system an ideal composite workshop system when connected to on-tool shrouds.

Designed for continuous working

  • Direct drive turbine provides continuous vacuum power
  • Powerful and reliable dust extraction with minimum maintenance
  • Teflon coated long life filters with automatic cleaning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Economical with energy saving switching

Workstation Options

  • Standard Options for Workstations include:
  • Energy Modules constructed from hard wearing lightweight aluminium with 240v or 3-phase electric power sockets.
  • Compressed Air
  • Economical energy saving switching
  • Wall mounted or suspended dust & air drops

Safety and compliance

The ATEX regulations are often misunderstood when the solution can be simple.
On tool extraction using a high velocity centralised vacuum system is the best approach. Our philosophy is to capture dust before it reaches the atmosphere. The dust is then contained away from the working area, this could be 100 metres from the shop floor