Clayton Python HEPA vacuum

Python HEPA vacuums safely capture hazardous dust and debris and prevent exposure during bag changes. They support multiple users for maximum productivity.

Available as an electric or pneumatic powered unit, details given below and within catalogue. Contact us for a quote on the specification you require.

In operation, solid particulate settles in the base of the canister. Each time the vacuum is turned off, the collected debris falls into the collection bag. The continuous bagging system allows the material inside to be disposed of safely. Simply twist the top of the bag, and secure with two cable ties. Cut between the two ties and continue operating the system. The design allows bag changes right on the shop floor, without special protective gear.

Pythons are available in two sizes to support 1-2 and 2-3 users, and they can be powered by air or electricity. They are great choices for general clean-up or for source capture tools. Get a Python vacuum system today and protect your workers and your workplace from hazardous dust and FOD.


  • 120V / 20A
  • HEPA filter captures 99.995% 0.3µm and larger

Electric or Air Powered

  • 1 -2 Users
    • 2 Motors – 212 cfm
  • 2 -3 Users Electric
    • 3 Motors – 318 cfm
  • 2 -3 Users Pneumatic
    • 273 cfm & 197 in/H20

Air powered

  • 1 -2 Users
    • 168 cfm & 165 in/H20
    • Consumes 60cfm @ 90psi Consumes 50cfm @ 90psi
  • 2 -3 Users
    • 347 cfm & 197 in/H20
    • Consumes 60cfm @ 90psi

Python Extraction System