Clayton Universal Radial Shrouds


  • Fits ANY tools with a 1/4″ collet – straight or right andle sanders, grinders, routers etc.
  • Shroud does not obscure visibility
  • Shroud swivels freely around shaft, so the hose can be repositioned with ease
  • Positive Lock hose fitting
  • Accepts up to 4 bristle dics with 3/8″ center hole

(sold with or without grinder)

Designed for 3M Bristle Discs or cut off wheels, this shroud does not odscure the working edge of the abrasive, so users can easily see the work surface during operation.

Every shroud includes: mandrel, 2×1″ hose whipe and swivel adapter for connection to 1″ vacuum hoses.

Please contact us with the desired model number from the tables below

3″ Radial Shroud Narrow (1-2 bristle discs or 1 cutoff wheel 75mm)

ModelGrinderOrentationMotor RPMMotor PowerAir Inlet IDWeight
674-A1648Not Included
674-A1648-02RDotco 12L1280-36Right Angle12,000 RPM0.3hp (220W)1/4″1.1lbs (0.5kg)
674-A1648-03SDotco 12L2082-01Straight18,000 RPM0.6hp (448W)1/4″1.4lbs (0.6kg)

3″ Radial Shroud Wide (2-4 bristle discs 75mm)

ModelGrinderOrentationMotor RPMMotor PowerAir Inlet IDWeight
674-A2148Not Included
674-A2148-02RDotco 12L1280-36Right Angle12,000 RPM0.3hp (220W)1/4″1.1lbs (0.5kg)
674-A2148-03SDotco 12L2082-01Straight18,000 RPM0.6hp (448W)1/4″1.4lbs (0.6kg)

4″ Radial Shroud Wide(1 cutoff wheel 100mm)

ModelGrinderOrentationMotor RPMMotor PowerAir Inlet IDWeight
674-A1664Not Included
674-A1664-02RDotco 12L1280-36Right Angle12,000 RPM0.3hp (220W)1/4″1.1lbs (0.5kg)
674-A1664-03SDotco 12L2082-01Straight18,000 RPM0.6hp (448W)1/4″1.4lbs (0.6kg)