Custom Vacuum Curing/Debulking Tables

  • Heat and vacuum in one easy step for debulking and curing composite parts Single setup greatly reduces overall time and cost associated with traditional debulking and autoclave curing
  • Reusable vacuum bag with an 800% elongation factor Curing temperatures up to 204°C (400oF
  • Individual zone controls.

Contact us with your specification for a bespoke quote that best suits your needs.


  • Temperature Control
  • Dual display shows set-point and actual process temperature
  • Multiple ramp/soak steps
  • PID with autotuning
  • Programmable to either °C or °F
  • Audible alarm
  • Program security lock levels
  • Heater
  • Highly durable and uniform multi-stranded heating element
  • Heater break protection
  • Vacuum System
  • 2-stage electric oil-less rocker piston vacuum pump
  • Lid
  • High tear strength, reversion resistant silicone rubber reusable vacuum bag with 800% elongation
  • Safety interlocked push buttons ensure both hands are on the operating console while the lid is in motion
  • Dual ball screw actuators for positive lid movement
  • Power
  • Choice of 3-phase 208, 240, 380 or 480VAC
  • All systems are fuse protected

Vacuum Table Features standard sizes – please ask if you need a different size

  • VT4000: 1.5m x 1.5m (60 in x 66 in); total 1.3m x 1.4m (52 in x 56 in) usable area
  • VT8000: 1.5m x 3.4m (60in x 132in), total 1.3m x 3.1m (52in x 124in) usable area
  • VT 10000: 1.8m x 3.7m (72in x 144in); total 1.5m x 3.5m (66in x 138in) usable area