DG 50 EXP Z22

ATEX rated portable dust extraction system

  • HEPA Filter/H14 included as standard
  • Side channel blower motor , powerful and
    silent, totally maintenance free, suitable for
    continuous duty
  • Largest surface filter in its category
  • Integrated filter cleaning system
  • Complete steel construction
  • Atex certified for Zone 22


The suction unit is a side channel blower, with direct coupling between the motor and the
impeller fan. It designed without any transmission system, and is therefore silent, totally
maintenance free and suitable for continuous duty operations.


A vacuum gauge enables to check constantly the state of the filter and detect possible
clogging, warning the operator that the filter must be cleaned.
It is possible to clean the filter using an integrated mechanical system: an external lever
shakes the filter vertically and enables to clean the filter thoroughly and safely, maintaining
constant suction performance and preventing any dispersion of dust in the environment.


The vacuum is assembled onto a sturdy steel chassis, and provided with industrial quality
wheels , that make it suitable for mobile service even when used on rough surfaces.
The detachable steel collection tank has a quick release system for the rapid disposal of the
sucked material.