Genlab Classic Ovens

7 sizes 6 to 100 Litres

The GENLAB Classic Range of ovens offers a selection of highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective units to suit most drying, warming and general laboratory applications. The simple to use thermostat system is good for teaching purposes and the units can be built up to meet individual requirements.

Sizes of ovens and product codes found below, all size options can also be quoted with Standard or Stainless Steel interior with or without fan, contact us with your exact specification for a quote.



  • Temp range 40°C to 250°C
  • Fluctuation +/- 0.75°C
  • Easy to use thermostatic control
  • Independent overheat thermostat
  • Easy clean powder coated body


  • Fan assisted circulation (not available below 30L)
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Access ports (25, 50, 75 or 100mm)
  • Traceable calibration certificate to National Standards
  • Bespoke stands and stacking kits
  • Extended warranty

Please contact us with the desired model number from the table below

ModelCapacityFan Available
MINO/66 LitresNo Fan Available
MINO/1818 LitresNo Fan Available
MINO/3030 LitresSold with or without Fan
MINO/4040 LitresSold with or without Fan
MINO/5050 LitresSold with or without Fan
MINO/7575 LitresSold with or without Fan
MINO/100100 LitresSold with or without Fan

*For Stainless Steel interiors add on SS to end of model number

Genlab Classic Ovens