Genlab Large Capacity Multi-Purpose Ovens

250 to 1250 Litres

The GENLAB Large Capacity Multipurpose Ovens offers a selection of highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective ovens to suit most warming, drying and heat treatment processes. They feature our latest touch screen control system which offer intuitive control and excellent accuracies designed for industrial and laboratory ovens


  • 8 sizes (single door design)
    9 sizes (twin door design)
  • Temperature range:
    50°C to 250°C
  • On screen historical trending (48hours)
  • 8 Stage profile control
  • Count down timer
  • 24/7 real time clock operation
  • Manual or automatic overheat reset
  • High accuracy Pt100B duplex sensors <0.8°C
  • Fan assisted circulation
  • Excellent stability <+/- 0.6°C
  • Low chamber uniformity
  • Energy efficient with integral energy meter
  • New – Set point lock feature


  • 10 Menu x 8 Stage Profile Controller with Cyclic feature
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Audible warnings
  • Explosion relief panels
  • Access ports (25m 50, 75 or 100mm)
  • Traceable calibrations to national standards
  • Bespoke stands and stacking kits
  • Extractor unit
  • Extended warranty
  • Bespoke solutions available upon request
  • 3 Phase upgrade for quicker response (standard above 600L)
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Stainless steel chamber and external casing

Please contact us with the desired model number from the tables below

Horizontal (Twin Door Design) Configuration

LCO/250H/TDIG250 Litres
LCO/350H/TDIG350 Litres
LCO/425H/TDIG425 Litres
LCO/500H/TDIG500 Litres
LCO/650H/TDIG650 Litres
LCO/750H/TDIG750 Litres
LCO/850H/TDIG850 Litres
LCO/1000H/TDIG1000 Litres
LCO/1250H/TDIG1250 Litres


Vertical (Single Door Design) Configuration

LCO/250V/TDIG250 Litres
LCO/350V/TDIG350 Litres
LCO/425V/TDIG425 Litres
LCO/500V/TDIG500 Litres
LCO/650V/TDIG650 Litres
LCO/750V/TDIG750 Litres
LCO/850V/TDIG850 Litres
LCO/1000V/TDIG1000 Litres

*For Stainless Steel interiors add on SS to end of model number

Genlab Large Capacity Multi-Purpose Ovens