Olympus RollerFORM™ Phased Array Wheel Probe

The RollerFORM™ phased array wheel probe is used to inspect composites and other smooth-surfaced materials. An affordable and easy-to-implement replacement for full 2D encoding systems, the RollerFORM scanner is a viable alternative to immersion techniques.

This product is available multiple frequencies, contact our team to help you identify which best suits your needs.

The RollerFORM tire’s unique material provides high-quality, immersion-like ultrasonic testing. Minimal couplant and pressure are required to achieve excellent coupling and a strong signal, even in difficult scanning positions.


  • Offered in two sizes with a 51.2 mm or 128 mm beam width.
  • Exceptional coupling with minimal couplant.
  • Acoustic impedance similar to water.
  • 25 mm water delay line enables inspection of composites up to 50 mm thick.
  • Can be used in accordance with existing aircraft manufacturer procedures.

Standard Inclusions

  • Phased array probe with OmniScan connector.
  • Waterproof encoder.
  • Laser guide.
  • Indexer and Start Acquisition buttons.
  • Filling/spraying pump and tubing.

RollerFORM™ Phased Array Wheel Probe