Testo Air Flow ComboKit 2 with Bluetooth

Kit for carrying out measurements in ventilation ducts and at air outlets: The Testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument, the vane probe (100 mm) with Bluetooth including temperature sensor and the vane probe (16 mm) are all safely stowed away in the case.

  • Measuring instrument for all climate-related
  • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow and determination of air velocity, humidity and temperature in ventilation ducts or at ventilation outlets.
  • Clever: vane probe (16mm) with telescope (0.85m). Combine the vane probe (100mm) with Bluetooth and the telescope for ceiling outlets or the funnel set for plate outlets (please order separately) as required.
  • Extendible with a wide range of probes.
  • Wireless measurement with Bluetooth probes.
  • USB interface for exporting measurement reports as CSV files.