We provide our customers the opportunity to utilize our engineering knowledge and know how, by providing an unchallenged service in consultancy, equipment and UKAS calibration.

Because of our standing in the composites sector, we deliver a highly confidential service to our customers, which include new business ventures through to multi-national businesses. Our expertise has been used to provide operational efficiency enhancements, design of company critical processes, equipment, design, and analysis providing our customers with market leverage over their competitors.


Consultancy and Project Management

We specialise in high quality consultancy services from bespoke design of composite materials and parts to composite life cycle developments and equipment recommendations and development. We support projects and businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a new company, a growing or diversifying company or a well-established player in the composites sector, you can rely on us for a fully managed, confidential service.
Our staff have over 25 years consultancy experience across all composite sectors, ranging from testing and developing materials and structures, designing test regimes, solving design and manufacturing issues and leading significant research projects. They bring this knowledge and skills to solve real world problems that many businesses in the composite sector are facing today.
To name a few we have supported projects to convert and utilise composite structures in existing and new designs, repair of damaged airworthy structures, design and development of new marine projects, development of new automotive parts and equipment specification for wind turbine production.
Our facilities enable us to support test manufacturing on site with the full use of our in house equipment for out of autoclave cure, Resin Infusion and Resin Transfer Moulding enabling you to test your solutions before full production.
Our experts can support you fully through the design process, from concept design through to full detailed design ready for manufacture. 
Consultancy services are fully costed to reflect the needs of the client prior to commencement of the work. Services can be provided at our facilities or remotely depending on your requirements and the requirements of the service provided.

Calibration UKAS & ISO17025

We provide a high-quality calibration service through our accredited UKAS laboratory. This service meets BS EN ISO 10012 and the ISO_17025 standards for mobile testing and control systems with a combination of thermal, pressure and vacuum measuring and control systems.

Calibration and Certificates

We will check all brands of equipment against the original manufactures specification and those of UKCA standards, accumulating into a certificate of compliance with all test results. For units with problems, retest will take place after the resolution of any issues.

Bespoke Interim Testing by Customer

Upon request we will supply interim test equipment for the customer to check calibrations between the yearly certification requirements.

Free Recalibration with Minor Adjustments

Re-tests of calibration are free of charge after minor adjustments

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

UKAS calibration providers are audited to conform to the ISO-17025 standard. Laboratories are accredited to an international calibration standard known as ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, for competence of calibration and the quality of the testing laboratories

Be aware ISO_9000 quality standard is not a calibration standard

Design and Manufacturing services​

We manufacture both metallic and composites products and provide specialist design, manufacture and maintenance for high quality industrial ovens, control systems, hot mats, inferred and hotbonders. We also have the capability of PCB manufacture and programming via our in-house manufacturing facility.

We provide a turn-key bespoke manufacturing option for all prototype systems to accelerate your project progression with expert staff irrespective of the company size.
We supply vacuum, pressure, temperature measurement, temperature emulators, humidity temperature testing and thermocouple and heat mat self-calibration checking for customers wishing to verify the test levels more regularly than our yearly UKAS calibration service.